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We help you design programmes to operate sustainably so that you and yours can be a respected and valued player in today's responsible society. Once aligned, we also help to engage meaningfully with relevant stakeholders with compelling key message communications across platforms. Great vision requires great support to start and keep going towards materialising. We help you join the dots to create winning and sustainable outcomes for you, yours and for all. 

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Create bespoke programmes to deliver last mile solutions. 

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Mission Vision Values


To co-create and communicate innovative solutions to drive positive impact at scale for society


An inclusive society celebrating diversity and peace





Our Experts

CHAN Sue Meng


Founder & Director

Strategic Communications & Social Impact

Green Shoots Communications is founded by Sue Meng. With 20+ years in strategic communications and social sustainability, Sue Meng practices, advises and provides training in the communications and social impact space. She works with individuals and corporates to define their vision, values and missions, and develop programmes and compelling messaging for key stakeholder engagement and attaining shared goals. She has worked with multi nationalities, across industries, including blockchain, airlines, fiduciary and hospitality. Currently based in Singapore, she has lived and served clients and employers and less fortunate communities in UK, China, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. She is a published author and a GRI-certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist and has an MA in Asia Pacific Studies.




Sustainability Reporting

Since mid 1990s, Asif has been involved in policy research and advocacy, capacity building and training as well as project management and consultancy with NGOs, think-tanks, universities and corporations in South and Southeast Asia and Australia. He is trained as an economist and specialises in environmental economics, corporate sustainability and sustainability policy. 

Camilo Andres CUPITRE



Nonprofits Organizations Management & Social Entrepreneurship

Camilo is an experienced practitioner in Nonprofits Organizations Management and an emerging researcher in the field of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. He works with multiple Nonprofits Organizations and Social Enterprises, leading a diverse range or projects on the fields of Youth Development, Education, Cancer Prevention and Social Entrepreneurship. His research projects and publications span across diverse fields including: Microfinance & Informal Labour in Colombia, Social Innovation Applied to Cancer Care in Malaysia as well as Elderly Care & Labour integration of vulnerable populations in Denmark. He speaks on social entrepreneurship at conferences in Colombia, The Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Latvia and South Korea.