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Green Shoots Communications is a boutique consultancy supporting corporates, individuals and families in sustainability and  communications. We design and implement strategies, help with the execution and provide stakeholder training to create adoption to reach desired goals.

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Vision, values, mission setting

'I' Brand. What we set up, and set out, to do is towards realising a vision. What is your vision? Will we realise the vision in our lifetimes? Maybe, or maybe not. But the journey is as they say, the raison d'être - journey towards purpose is not a chore, responsibility, or duty tasked upon us by others, but the meaning we want to add to our life by doing something that will make a difference. Values and mission help us get ther.

Legacy setting and programme development

The Outcome. So what matters most to you? We work with you (individual, family, company, etc.) to identify what matters most, and make a plan to materialising them.  

Resource identification and allocation

Shared Resources. From 'I' to 'we'. Relationships based on shared non-negotiable values are key to harmony. Harmonious relationships, i.e., those wherein resources are not drained from conflict management, are based on shared values and all onboard choose and are in turn chosen to work towards successful collaboration towards shared mission and vision. 

Impact assessment

Information. Is the programme working? How can we proof it's making a difference? Quantify the intangible. Impact information framework, gathering and analysis of data.

Compelling Communication

Communicate! Capturing information is exciting – for ourselves; making it sexy enough to share is meaningful, knowledge successfully transferred and embraced is happiness. Share the essence and substance of your vision, values, mission and outcomes meaningfully to those who matter most to you.


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